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an icon is back.

The iconic smartphone is back – versatile, iconic, unique. Experience the new foldable mobile phone live at the motorola razr clubnight tour.

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2020 Motorola Razr Reborn


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Imagine that you are one of the largest mobile phone manufacturers in the world. Now you want to develop a new target group: People who have little to no interest in the Motorola brand in general. How do you enthuse these people?

The solution: The return of a smartphone icon – with contemporary presentation, elegant design and innovative technology, which thanks to its customer and experience-oriented approach, tells exactly the story that interests the new target group and appeals to cult mobile phone lovers once again. With the motorola razr clubnight tour, Motorola created a comeback experience that is as dynamic and innovative in terms of performance as the iconic foldable miracle itself: The new Motorola Razr.


8 Cities.
8 Nights.
8 Moments.


The iconic foldable phone

Lenovo combines the design of the cult mobile phone with up-to-date software in the new Motorola Razr all at once. To celebrate the return of the smartphone icon, Motorola took the opportunity to bring the iconic phone to German cities to experience the new folding wonder live. Therefore we went to Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt, Rotterdam, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Stuttgart which also attracted stars such as Cate Blanchett.

And the comeback succeeded.

The new Motorola Razr – probably the most iconic foldable miracle in the world. Experience it live at the Motorola Razr clubnights tour.


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